If you are interested in learning mindfulness, or deepening your current practice, individual sessions can greatly enhance this experience. This can be especially helpful if you have been struggling with unpleasant feelings, sensations or thoughts. We will discover obstacles that are preventing you from practicing, create personalized habits to support daily practice and explore how the formal practice of mindfulness translates into daily life. Mindfulness is especially beneficial when it becomes a way of life allowing you to live with greater ease, presence and happiness. As mindfulness fosters greater self-awareness, the practice can increase resiliency when navigating health concerns, stress, burnout and difficult relationships. Whether new to the practice or not, private sessions allow you to focus on your specific needs in order to go deeper than you may be able to on your own.


Sensory Focused Occupational Therapy

If you find yourself easily overwhelmed by your everyday activities, an assessment with an Occupational Therapist (OT) will be helpful. Meeting with an OT includes a review of behaviors, routines and environments that may be impacting sensory and cognitive function. Some common symptoms that are reviewed include an increase in distractibility, disorganization, impulsivity, increased activity with little productivity, anxiousness, fatigue, disrupted sleep and sensory overload. These can occur after a neurological event such as a mild to moderate brain injury or any health event that impacts sensory and cognitive function. After initial assessment, an in depth exploration of sensory tendencies and preferences will help you identify strategies for calming and reassuring your nervous system; resulting in improved daily function and interactions with the environment


Mindful Movement (Yoga)

Mindful movement involves learning how to modify and adjust a yoga practice, moment by moment, based on what your body and mind need. It involves learning how to use your breath to guide your practice and nourish your nervous system. A private session can offer valuable insight into your personal growth as you learn to work within and then expand your window of challenge, recognize and release expectations and embrace imperfection. As you increase awareness, practice non-judgement and ground yourself in the moment you will learn to trust that you are working in collaboration with your whole self. Whether you are interested in exploring mindful movement as a tool to support healthy living, to reconnect with yourself or to build resiliency, a private session will deepen this experience


Sensory Space Design

Understanding your personal sensory preferences and tendencies is essential when creating a space in your home where you can retreat when the world becomes overwhelming. Working with an occupational therapist with design knowledge is a first step in building a safe and calm space that immediately reassures your nervous system. An exploration of the 5 exteroceptive (external) senses will guide the development of a sensory focused space, allowing your sensory palate to create the sanctuary you desire.  A well thought out space plan and sensory mood board can assist with communication to designers and contractors, if required.