Sensory Wellness


We believe everyone can benefit from becoming aware of, and tending to, the senses in order to promote overall health and wellness. The aim of these workshops is to help participants use mindfulness to build awareness and identify individual sensory tendencies and preferences which may assist or interfere with everyday life and productivity. An overview of the nervous system, it’s connection to how we feel and our interpretation of these experiences will be provided. Through experiential learning and education we will explore how the eight senses can impact behaviour and emotional regulation. During this process we will identify grounding, calming and alerting tools that can be used to regulate the sensory system. These workshops will be perfect for anyone wanting to explore their sensory system including teachers, health care providers, corporate and government employees or those interested in enhancing health and wellness through learning mindfulness and sensory regulation skills.

Upcoming Workshops (virtual/online)

Introduction to Sensory Wellness 

Part 1 - May 30 or June 10

Part 2 - June 13